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Photo identification

For all ABRSM exams, candidates are required to bring photographic identification as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Please take note of the following important information:

Candidates under the age of 12

  • Are required to present a copy of their MyKid/Birth Certificate with a photo attached to it
  • The copy of the above document is to be signed/authorised by selected personnel (e.g. school teacher, principal, etc.)
  • A MyKid ID/Birth Certificate without a photo attached to it cannot be accepted as there is no photo of the candidate

Candidates above the age of 12

  • Can present their original MyKad as this displays a photograph of the cardholder
  • If the candidate does not hold a MyKad, a copy of their birth certificate with a photo attached must be presented. This needs to be verified with your local education department prior to the exam.

All state education departments are aware of this requirement and please note that candidates will not be able to take their exams unless photographic identification is presented.

Further information about this requirement can be found via the Ministry of Education’s website.

Exam programme and running order slips

All candidates will be asked to complete an exam programme and running order slip before they go in to the exam room. Examiners and candidates have found this a quick and clear way of confirming the chosen pieces or songs and the order in which they will be performed.

These slips will be available at each exam venue and can be downloaded below to complete before the exam day.

Music Theory exam dress code

Please note that candidates should be aware of the following dress guidance for Music Theory exams:


  • Long trousers, dress or skirt extending below the knee
  • Sleeved shirt, blouse or top
  • Shoes
  • School uniform MAY be worn

Should NOT be worn

  • Dress or skirt extending above the knee
  • Shorts (unless part of school uniform) or jeans
  • Slippers or trainers

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