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Exam dates and fees 2017

GST and ABRSM exam fees

ABRSM is pleased to announce that the Royal Malaysian Customs Department has confirmed that GST will not be applicable to ABRSM exam fees.

GST is not applicable on goods and services provided by government bodies or those represented by government bodies in Malaysia. Therefore, no additional charges will be applicable and our exam fees remain as listed on our website.

Practical exams (session one)

Registration period: 16 November - 7 December 2016

Please note that the March/April Practical exams must be entered using online registration. No paper entries will be accepted for this session, except from those entering on a re-entry voucher.

All instruments and grades

FT Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Kedah, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak and Selangor only March-April

Practical exams (session two)

Registration period: 4-26 January

All instruments and grades

Malaysia June-August

Practical exam fees

Prep Test 240 MYR
Grade 1 270 MYR
Grade 2 350 MYR
Grade 3 360 MYR
Grade 4 390 MYR
Grade 5 410 MYR
Grade 6 460 MYR
Grade 7 530 MYR
Grade 8 600 MYR
Performance Assessment 410 MYR
Ensemble: Primary 460 MYR
Ensemble: Intermediate 530 MYR
Ensemble: Advanced 600 MYR
Choral Singing: Initial 460 MYR
Choral Singing: Intermediate 580 MYR
Choral Singing: Advanced 700 MYR
Choral Singing: Attendance fee 380 MYR

Music Theory exams (session one)

Registration period: 26 October - 10 November 2016

Exam date

Malaysia Saturday 11 March

Music Theory exams (session two)

Registration period: 8-22 May

Please note that the August Music Theory exam must be entered using online registration. No paper entries will be accepted for this session, except from those entering on a re-entry voucher.

Exam date

Malaysia Saturday 12 August

Music Theory fees

Grade 1 130 MYR
Grade 2 150 MYR
Grade 3 170 MYR
Grade 4 195 MYR
Grade 5 225 MYR
Grade 6 260 MYR
Grade 7 280 MYR
Grade 8 310 MYR

Diploma exams (session one)

Registration period: 16 November - 7 December 2016

Exam dates

FT Kuala Lumpur & Penang only March-April

Diploma exams (session two)

Registration period: 4-26 January

Exam dates

FT Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Melaka, Penang, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak only*** June-August

Diploma fees

DipABRSM (complete exam) 1,160 MYR
LRSM (complete exam) 2,680 MYR**
FRSM (complete exam) 4,230 MYR
Resit fee: DipABRSM 930 MYR
Resit fee: LRSM 2,140 MYR
Resit fee: FRSM 3,380 MYR


* ARSM exams will take place during Practical exam periods (as of January 2017) - see the first tab for details of fees.

** LRSM Teaching fees are payable in two instalments. 40% must be paid on submission of the Case Study Portfolio & Video of Teaching Practice. The balance is payable when entering for the remaining sections of the exam.

Availability of diploma exams

*** Diploma exams are currently available (subject to demand and the availability of a diploma examiner) as above. Please complete an entry form and submit it to the education department in the state in which you would like to take the exam. If we are unable to hold diploma exams in your region, we will try to offer you an alternative centre.

Diploma retake fees

Please note that retake fees apply only to candidates applying for a partial retake (2.2 or 2.1 and 2.2, etc.). If candidates are retaking the complete exam, the full fee is payable.

Additional information

Other fees and charges (2017)*


Exam taken after 1993

Exam taken from 1977 to 1993

Exam taken before 1977

Confirmation of marks

free of charge



Duplicate certificate

£10.50 (diplomas £17.50)

included under confirmation of marks fee (see above)

included under confirmation of marks fee (see above)




Appeal investigation**

No fee

Half of the entry fee

Independent review

£60.00 per candidate

£60.00 per candidate

* The above charges should be paid direct to ABRSM's office in London by sterling draft presentable in the UK or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Sterling drafts should be payable to ‘The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music’.

If you wish to pay locally please contact your Local Representative who will advise you of the local fee and method of payment.

** For multiple candidates, the investigation fee charged will not exceed five times the local Grade 5 Practical/Music Theory fee.


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