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Classic FMABRSM is the Partner in Music Education of the nation’s most popular classical music station, Classic FM.

At the heart of the collaboration is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of music teachers, as the two organisations join forces for Classic FM’s Music Teacher of the Year Awards 2017. The refreshed Awards will culminate in a showcase event next July, hosted by ABRSM and Classic FM, to celebrate and reward teachers who have made a real difference to their students’ lives.

Teacher and student

The partnership highlights ABRSM’s unparalleled music education expertise amongst Classic FM’s 5.3 million listeners across the UK. In addition, brings to life ABRSM’s popular syllabuses and learning resources through bespoke content and features, designed to help encourage all musicians to make progress and become ever more curious about music.

Classical 100

ABRSM and Classic FM successfully collaborated on Classical 100, a free online resource for primary schools developed with Decca Records and supported by the Department for Education. Since its launch in November 2015, more than 3,000 schools have signed up to use Classical 100 in classrooms around the UK. Both organisations look forward to developing this resource further in 2017, with ongoing support from the Department for Education.


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